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"The Reverend Doctor of Love attempts to vest his power into his beloved machine. The results? Let's not go there."
-Christina Tucker

[Said in a creepy, old man's voice] "This is my machiiiine!! It is fantastic...Do not touch it!"
-Katalina Estrada
(Even Mr. U. alumni send captions!


"Its not what it looks like! or is it?"
-Lowell Deutschlander

"No! No one shall see my hideous grades I give to my poor, defenseless, good students. No one shall see how I, the great evil Mr.Ulrich plans to send all of his students to summer school just to see them cry! BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
-Alison Forness


By the power invested in me, through the long years of hard labor in scientific tutelage, and by the grace of my innate super-potent chemically enhanced fingers, let me osmosify the vast knowledge of the information highway.
~Sam Jacobs


Mr. Ulrich has gone 3 weeks and 2 days without coffee, a week and 1 day without sleep, and now seems to think he can absorb energy from his computer screen.

'NO! Nobody shall see these horrible grades, ohhh no, only I shall suffer the scars of this burden. Leave now Mr. Stern, leave before it's too late!" -Another teacher of Jeff Raffensperger, fallen prey to the beast"
-Jeff Raffensperger


"I lost my surf board again have you seen it?? Its about this big."
-Justin Ruger

"The wave was this big, and next thing I knew, I was here"
-Jeff Raffensperger



"My Lord! The fumes started pouring out and I was done for!"  (Mr. Ulrich teaches his biology students valuable lesson's concerning lab safety)
-Jeff Raffensperger

The bear just started charging! He looked kind of like this!
-Sarah Harrison



"Everyone!! Get ready for the movie of Mr.Ulrich the puppet who became a
Biology teacher when he placed Christina's purple hat on his head!!"
-Laura Van Etten

"Somebody needs a bearhug!"
-Katalina Estrada

"Do I look like a real Hawiian?"
-Brian Freer



Shannon Gilbert

Mr. U after another group of students comes up to him asking for their grade on the regents while he's still grading
- Dan Hayden

"Get inside my belly!"
-Jim the Freak




Who stole my coffee?
-Chris Taylor

I knew these pants made me look fat!
-James Wiersum

Does fish candy taste like fish? I need to know
-Wayne "bahamut" Jensen

"We're men, we're men in tights,
 (said in high squeeky voice) tight tights,
we roam around the forest looking for fights"
-Asha Rado (from "Robin Hood Men In Tights")


What are all these people talking about. I'm  thinking
-Nick Hasbrouck

What IS that smell?
    -Suzayn MacKenzie

We are the biology teachers who say "NEE"
-Denise Martin

I can't remember if the f was turned upside down and flipped backwards or if it was just turned upside down?
-Laura Van Etten