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 Spring 2002 Pie-Eating Contest Pics (scroll down)

Just what were Mr. Ulrich's classes doing on the soccer field
with cups and plastic-ware? What else but taking part in ......

The beans are out there. It's gettin' 'em that's the challange!
Ever try eating peas with a butter knife?

"stupid bean! get in there!"

On the hunt

Of course, what's a good experiment without bean counting!

...and more bean counting

"One...two...three...fifty-eight...three hundred forty-two..."

...and even more counting.

"Let's put these beans in Mr. U's Coffee!"

Crunching the data



Yes, we humans do bear some resemblance to the plants. But just
How similar are we? After checking out some aquarium plant leaves under the microscope
and comparing them to the cells lining the insides of our cheeks we got a better idea.

Makin' slides!

   "What is he talking about?"   

Students look for lunch left-overs



 Responding to Mr. U's scintillating instruction.

"What is the average wingspeed velocity of an un-laden swallow?"

Students caught doing work

Is that a biology book?


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