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At New Paltz High School

One-on-one Meeting Calendar - Be sure to be ready for your meeting!

Science Review of Literature Writing Guide - Some VERY handy tips and resources for putting together your ROL.

Science Research Home Page - Important documents and other info here

Academic Earth - This is a fabulous collection of lectures from several universities by some of the best professors in the world. MIT open courseware is here as well as Marian Diamond of UC Berkley's anatomy lectures. There are lectures here for just about every topic. None of them are blocked! At school, you must have headphones plugged into the computer you are using for youtube to work.

Find-A-Scholar - Oh my! Looking for researchers in your field? (A rhetorical question in this course!) This is an absolute treasure trove. This database searches through abstracts and home webpages of researchers in the SUNY system. There is a wider database called Scholar Universe. Wow!

TED Talks - A great resource for "food for thought". Some of the world's greatest thinkers are asked to give 20 minute presentations. Great stuff!

The NEW Student-Teacher Assessment Form - Use this form for One-on-one meetings. Please use two-sided printing when in the library.

Research Proposal Writing Guides - This has some great resources for formatting and writing research proposals and papers as well. I particularly like this one:

Rating Sheet for PowerPoint presentations- Use this to guide your PowerPoint presentations. Here are a couple resources for making effective PowerPoint slides: Presentation-tips.ppt and San Jose State University Presentation Advice. Thanks Ethan and Josh!
If you are doing a Review of literature or a Work in progress presentation, use this rubric. Works in progress should focus on the "forecast" portion emphasizing the planned methodology

Rating Sheet for Poster Board presentations- Use this to guide your poster board presentations

Rating Sheet for Poster Board-Sophomores - Use this to guide the creation of your poster board.

Rating Sheet for Poster Board-Juniors- Use this to guide the creation of your poster board

Rating Sheet for Poster Board-Seniors- Use this to guide the creation of your poster board

ISEF Wizard - Which SRC/IRB forms will you need?

The Science Research "Flow" - A very general timeline of the course and the written assignments

Quarterly Grade - How I compute your grade

Binder rubric - What I look for in a research binder

One on One Preparation Checklist - Make sure you have all of these things in place

Notebook and paper-writing guidelines website - A good resource for keeping organized and properly documented

Lab Notebook - An idea of where you can get your lab notebook

Binder Sections - The minimum of sections for your binder/portfolio

Reflective Essay Guidelines - Most students will need to complete one of these as their 4th quarter writing assignment

Course Outline - Basic course and contact info sheet

Expectations of the Science Research Student - A concise description of the overall expectations for each year of the course

Symposium Committees Explained - Each student needs to be part of a committee to plan our symposium. Look these over before signing up.