Science Research "Flow"


Sophomore Year: (CP 1-5)

1st Q (CP 1-3)

            Written assignment = 5 100-word summaries of journal articles (CP 3)


2nd Q (CP 3)

            Written assignment = 5 more 100-word summaries of journal articles (CP 3)

Midterm = Oral report on other researchers work

            3rd Q (CP 4)

                        Written assignment = Tentative research question

            4th Q (CP 5)

Written assignment = Review of literature draft


Final = Review of literature

                        Posterboard of tentative research


            Summer work (CP 5-6)

Experience= preliminary research? Internship?

Written assignment = Describe procedure/materials and methods




Junior Year (CP 6-10)

            1st Q (CP 6)

                        Written assignment = Formal research plan

            2nd Q (CP 7)

                        written assignment = All IRB/SRC forms

                        Midterm = Oral report of proposed work/work in progress

            3rd Q (CP 8)

                        written assignment = Work in progress abstract

            4th Q (CP 8-10)

                        Written assignment = Discussion and analysis of data


                        Final = Draft of Research Report

                        Posterboard/Presentation = Work in progress


Summer (CP 9-10)

                        Revise report and write final draft/abstract




Senior Year (CP11-14)

            1st Q (CP 11)

                        Written assignment = Intel essays

            2nd Q (CP 12-13)

                        Written assignment = Script for Research Presentation

                        Midterm Presentation = Research Presentation

            3rd Q (CP 13-14)

                        Written assignment = Symposium Program

            4th Q (CP 14)

                        Written assignment = reflective essay


            Final = Symposium Presentation