Mr. Ulrich
Reproduction and Development

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Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction

    is NOT sexual reproduction but makes it possible
    Recognize stages
            mitosis vs meiosis (click here for a diagram)
    Where does meiosis take place?
            somatic vs. gonad
    Why is meiosis called reduction division?
    Chromosome number vs. diploid number
    Homologous pairs
    Sex cells
    Diploid vs Haploid
            why are haploid gametes necessary to maintain the chromosome number of the offspring?
    How is spermatogenesis different from oogenesis?

Sexual reproduction
    external vs internal fertilization
            watery environment (sperm motility)
            number of gametes released (risk factor)
            Examples of each
    external vs internal development
            structures necessary to provide for the developing embryo
                        external egg vs placental organisms
                        examples of internal and external developers (including non-placental mammals)
            recognize structures of terrestrial egg and know their functions
                        shell, chorion, albumin, alantois, yolk/yolk sac, amnion, embryo
                        compare the above structures to extra embryonic tissues in placental mammals