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Mr. Ulrich   
Biology 10R

Unit I Review Sheet
Life Processes, and the Scientific Method

This is not designed to replace
your class notes and/or chapter outlines!!
although it will certainly help

Lab Safety - Do's and don'ts

Life Processes
The 9 life processes all living things carry out:
-Cellular respiration --> IT'S NOT JUST BREATHING!
-Synthesis and Assimilation
-Regulation aka "respond to stimulus"
-Reproduction --> why is reproduction not essential to the individual?

Homeostasis and what happens when an organism fails to maintain homeostasis

Scientific Method
-know the steps
-designing experimental procedures - sample size/repitition
-graphing data -->line vs. bar, axes, titling, etc.,
-control group and variables -->experimental/independant and dependant

-different types of microscopes = simple, compound, dissecting, electron (scanning and transmission)

Other tools and techniques
-all tools and techniques from the tools lab conclusion questions (indicators, chromatography, dissecting instruments, etc.)