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This is not designed to replace your outlines and class notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
although it will certainly help

Taxonomy and Evolution

Review Sheet

Chapters 7, 28 and 29


What is taxonomy?
History of taxonomy?
Who was Linnaeus?
       Definition of a species.
Dichotomous Keys - be able to use one and make one
Modern classification
       "kings play chess on Friday generally speaking"
        broadest to most specific
        Binomial nomenclature Genus species
Evolutionary relationships based on:
       structural, biochemical, cytological (nuclear/cell), embryological, behavioral

Evidence of evolution

What is evolution?                                   Class notes here
        Organic vs geologic
Relative vs. absolute dating
        Law of superposition
        Radiodating half life
        Index fossils
Comparative anatomy  -  what do these structures say about evolutionary relationships?
        Homologous, Analogous, Vestigial

Evolutionary theory

        Use and disuse, Acquired characteristics
        Overproduction, Variation, Competition, Adaptation, Natural selection and Speciation
Geographic isolation can lead to reproductive isolation (a new species)            
How do new traits arise? Mutation, genetic recombination, migration
Hominid evolution
              What is a hominid? Primate? Bipedalism?
              What is our closest relative? What may have caused our separation from the apes?        
              Where did this occur?
Rates of evolution gradualism vs punctuated equilibrium
Cladograms - a good review site here <http://ology.amnh.org/biodiversity/treeoflife/pages/howtoreadclado.html>

Extended Response Questions

Regent's Review Questions (.pdf)  Get the answers here (.pdf)

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