Mr. Ulrich
Reproduction and Development

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Embryology and Human Reproductive Anatomy

Embryology            get diagrams here
    Recognize stages of development (zygote --> 3 layered gastrula)
    fertilization and zygote formation
    cleavage - no cell growth between mitotic divisions
    morula - solid ball of cells
    blastula - hollow ball of cells
    2-layered gastrula - formation of primitive gut
    3-latered gastrula
        germ layers and differentiation (specialization)
                endoderm - digestive tract
                mesoderm - organs and skeleton
                ectoderm - skin and nerves

Human Reproductive Anatomy
    Be able to identify structures in a diagram
        male = scrotum, epididymus, testicle, vas deferens (vasectomy), Cowpers gland, seminal vessicle, prostate, urethra, penis
        female = ovary, follicle, oviduct (Fallopian tube), uterus, cervix, vagina, urethra
        where does fertilization take place?
    Extraembryonic membranes
         chorion, amnion, placenta, umbilical cord
        source of fetal nourishment and gas exchange? NOT THE UMBILICAL CORD (it's the placenta)

        hormone regulated (feedback loops)
        cyclical preparation of uterus for implantation, ovulation and shedding of uterine lining