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I get many questions on how it is possible to get two different colored eyes. It's called heterochromia. This page also has some info on the polygenic nature of eye color.
Human Genome Project As of April 14, 2003, the HGP is complete! This massive scientific undertaking was actually completed 2 years ahead of schedule. This does not mean there's nothing more to find out. This site has some good links too.

This site is a treasure trove of information both useful and less than useful. browse through this site if you like but I've set the link to go to the The Ultimate Genetic News section. Good stuff!

New York Times Online

This site is yet another treasure trove of useful information. Just type "genetic" or "DNA" or any other term you need to search for in the search window. You will have to sign up to access the archives, however, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY in order to get to most of the articles. The ones with little red dollar signs you will have to pay for but there are plenty of free ones. By the way, you can also access the famous New York Times crosswords here.

CDC Office of Genomics and Disease Prevention

This is part of the Center for Disease Control's website. The CDC is an organization that studies, tracks and responds to disease both rare and bizarre as well as common and mundane. This site in general is a great resource for information on any diseases. This link brings you to the genetics news section. You'll have to use the bookmarks or scroll down a bit.

Mr. Hand's Genetics Links

This is a link page from another teacher's website. Decent links! He also has other somewhat older articles on genetics. Use the links below.

Miscellaneous articles Cloning Articles DNA Articles Gene Therapy Articles Genetic Engineering Articles
Mr. U's Cloning articles I dug these up a couple of years ago for another class project.