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Classroom Links:
These links will bring you to different handouts 
and overheads used in class as well as other helpful stuff.

Latin Roots and combined forms  A decent resource for figuring out what scientific words (and a host of romance language vocabulary) mean.

Heterochromia info  A good source of information on heterochromia iridis, a condition where each eye is a different color or there are more than one color in one eye. It's a .pdf so you'll need Adobe Reader. (It's free)

Discrete vs. Continuous Data  A good exercise in the hazards of incomplete data and the inferences made from them

regentsprep.org  This site has great review notes as well as practice Regents questions. This is a FABULOUS review site for throughout the year as well as for preparing for the Regents Exam

Lab Folder Contents - What should be in your lab folder and the order they should be in. You can download some of them here too!

BrainPop.com - A decent review site for basics in many subjects (not just biology). The movies are great. I like the Tom and Moby clips. Unfortunately, you can only view two films a day without buying a subscription. I'm working on that.

Review Sheets - Study guides/outlines for each unit

Lubey's Biohelp - This site is fabulous! Great for studying

Graph Paper - Need a sheet? Print it yourself!

Past Regents Exams - When I make my exams, I use questions right off of the Living Environment Regents Exams. Interested in what the Living Environment Exams look like? This is the NYS Education Department site with links to the past three exams. You will see these questions again!

Mitosis and Meiosis Compared - A diagram of these two processes side by side

Biochemistry Jeopardy! PowerPoint- The name says it all. Right click and "save as" to download. I didn't make this. I don't know who did but it's cool.

Research Links: These links should be helpful 
for finding info and writing papers.

Animal Diversity Web - This is a goldmine of taxonomic information. Enter an organism into the search window for a complete classification.

CHC Medical Library and Patient Education - Need info on anything medical? Oh my, this site is a gold mine. Use the alphabetical index or the in-site google search window to find your topic. This is perfect for the Student/Physician Desk Reference Project.

dictionary.com - A quick and easy on-line dictionary and thesaurus.

Writing Links - Want to get full credit for your bibliography? It's gotta be in proper MLA format. Don't want to get nailed for plagiarism? Surf here first.

Evaluating a Website - Any Joe Schmoe can publish a website. How do you know if the person who wrote the website actually knows what they're talking about?

Search Engines - Along with links to typical engines this has some more specialized engines.

Fishbase - Yeah, this is one of my favorites. More information about fish than even I could imagine (and I can imagine a LOT about fish)

New Paltz Weather - This is the link to the weather station on the roof of the High School

Ecological News Resources - A few good starting points for ecology in current events.

Genetics Links - My very own page of genetics links, cloning included.

Botulism for the Rich and Vain - Botulism is a condition associated with a bacterial neurotoxin. Read how people who have more money than they know what to do with are using this chemical. Serves 'em right!

Scientific American - This popular magazine's website has some great articles and a pretty good "ask the experts" link. Check it out.

Ms. Law's Most Excellent Environmental Science Links - Ms. Law has some GREAT information links here. More than I can list.

Riverkeeper - One side of the dredging issue. 

General Electric - The other side of the dredging issue. Please keep in mind who is affected financially by dredging when evaluating the information given. Just the fact of how hard it is to get to environmental info on the GE site should tell you something.

National Center For Biotechnology Information - This is a goldmine of taxonomic information. Enter an organism into the search window for a complete taxonomic breakdown and links to information on those taxons.

Plant Finder - Another scientific name database. This one deals only with plants. Very useful.

Center For Disease Control - Need info on any health issue? This is a good place to start. Health topics from A to Z

Medic-Planet - Another site with health topics from A to Z. A bit less technical than the CDC site.

Extraneous: You might find these sites interesting.

SUNY New Paltz Colliquium Series Schedule - The School of Science and Engineering offers FREE lectures on some cool topics. Each one is preceded by a short reception where students can talk with the lecturer. This might offer a good opportunity to network with researchers/potential mentors, etc.

World Wide Words -  You all know my fascination for words. This site is fabulous. It has a ton of cool words and their etymology explained

Getting Oil From Trash! -  This is an exciting new technology that may not help global warming but may have an impact on our solid waste stream and dependence on foreign oil.

How Stuff Works -  Chock full o' explanations of how things function.

Factoids - Looking for some bizarre info? Odd stuff here.

Darwin Awards - Interesting ways humans have kept their (defective) genes from staying in the gene pool.

$pent - The web page for Mr. Ulrich's rock band. The mp3's are not with Mr. Ulrich. $pent pics here

Two Dollar Goat - The web page for Mr. U's bluegrass ensemble.