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Regents Biology

Being in class AND taking good notes are the two of the most important ways to succeed in school. If you missed class or just want to see the PowerPoints and/or other class notes, I have put them here by date for your viewing pleasure.  But remember....

"Ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby"

Due to our present situation, I am no longer posting notes on this site.
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February 28-March 6, 2020
Energy Notes  (.ppt)

Aerobic and Anaerobic Cellular Respiration Notes  (.ppt)

Energy Notes Sheet (w/ blanks)
Death of a Cheesy-Poof Lab
Cellular Respiration Question
More Cellular Respiration Question

February 26-27, 2020
Transport Notes  (.ppt)

Cellular Transport Notes Sheet (w/ blanks)
Fake Sweet reading and questions

February 20-25, 2020

Diffusion Across A Membrane Lab

February 12-13, 2020
Plasma Membrane - Structure and Function Notes Video

Another Cell Membrane Video (
(Like, if you're a sub and the video above isn't working)

Cell/Plasma Membrane Structure and Function Notes  (.ppt)
Use the notes to fill out the sheets below
Cell/Plasma Membrane Notes Sheet (blank)

February 6-7, 2020
We Are Not Plants Lab
Plant and Animal Cell diagram

February 4-5, 2020
Organelle Notes

Organelle Notesheet (blank)
Organelle Notesheet (filled in)
Cellular Analogies

January 31-February 3, 2020
Cell Theory Notes

Class' Cell Theory Worksheet

January 14-28, 2020
Enzyme Reaction Rate Notes
Toothpickase Lab 

January 10-13, 2020
Salivary Amylase Lab

Enzyme Reading
Enzyme Reading Questions

January 6-9 2020
Protein Notes 
Blank Protein Notes Sheet
Concept Maps Notes
University of Delaware Concept Map Page
Nutrition Project Overview

December 13, 2019-January 3, 2020
Macromolecule Posters

December 9-12, 2019
Big Ol' Biomolecules Lab

December 5-6, 2019
Adventures in pH Lab

November 26-December 4, 2019
Of Bonds and Bases    (.ppt file)

November 22-25, 2019
Molecular Models Lab

November 19-20, 2019
Intro to Chemistry Questions
Basic Chemistry Notes
Basic Chemistry Notes (completed)

November 13-14, 2019
Making A Cladogram
Cladograms Handout
Pictures of Evolution    (.ppt file)

November 8-12, 2019
Lamarck - Famous "Wrong" Guy    (.ppt file)

November 6-7, 2019
Walking With Cavemen Movie sheet
The video Walking with Cavemen is no longer available online.
This covers similar, important information.: Movie

October 30-November 4, 2019
Beaks of Finches Lab

October 28-29, 2019
Modern Evolution Notes Sheet(.pdf) BLANK
Modern Evolution Notes    (.ppt file)

Origins of the Antibiotic Resistance Reading Assignment

October 24-25, 2019
Evidence of Evolution Notes Sheet(.pdf)

Evidence of Evolution Lab

October 22-23, 2019
Binomial Nomenclature Notes    (.ppt file)

Monster Naming Sheet
Latin and Greek Roots and Combining forms

October 18-21, 2019
Dichotomous Keys Notes

Shark and Monster Keys Lab

October 16-17, 2019
Kingdoms Question Sheet

Intro to Taxonomy notes    (.ppt file)

October 3-4, 2019
Mr. U's Life Processes Web Notes     (.ppt)

Alive! sheet

Which List?
Life Processes Practice
Life Processes Practice Key

September 26-October 2, 2019
Tools of the Biologist Notes     (.ppt)

Tools of the Biologist Notes Sheet
Tools of the Biologist Lab

September 24-25, 2019
More On Microscope Notes   (.ppt)

Magazines and Thread Lab

September 20-23, 2019
Microscope Notes  .ppt

Microscopes Notes Sheet
Blank Microscope Diagram
(Fill it out using the Microscope Notes)

Letter "e" Lab

September 14-15, 2019
Experimental Design Questions

September 12-13, 2019
Experimental Design and Variables Notes

Controls and Variable Notes Sheet

September 10-11, 2019
Scientific Method Notes     (.ppt)

Lollipop Lab

September 6-9, 2019
Safety Lab

September 4-5, 2019
Course Outline
Exactly What Am I In For? Sheet
What Happened Here Lab