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Extra Credit Project


Okay, so now you cannot say I never offer extra credit (I just try not to offer these in the last three days of the quarter when I get all of the requests)

  1. Choose an organic compound from the list below. If there is a compound you really want to do but itís not on the list, ask me.

    Any Amino Acid (other than glycine or alanine)
    Any fatty acid
    Any vitamin
  2. Find its molecular and structural formulas and display them on an 8X10 piece of paper. NO XEROXED OR WEB PRINTED COPIES!!!!!!!
  3. Write a 1-2 page description of the molecule including the following information:
    1. Its function in living things
    2. Any related diseases, disorders and deficiencies
    3. Sources in nature
    4. Synthetic production
    5. practicality in society
    6. other interesting trivia?

    4.  Plagiarism will in no way be tolerated!! I WILL check. Go here if you don't know what plagiarism is. For more writing style tips check here.

    5.   This project is due by the end of Unit II. NO LATER!!!