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(It's free and very useful to have!)

Advanced Placement BIOLOGY


Assignments due on...

November 15, 2017
Watch the Cell Membranes - Structure Video

Fill out the Cell Membrane - Structure Notes Sheet

November 13, 2017
Watch the Cell Tour Part 3 - Organelles To Energy Video

Fill out the Cell Tour Part 3 Notes Sheet

November 8, 2017
Cell Size Lab Write-up
(The whole thang)
Lab Report Rubric
Lab Report Presentation

October 31, 2017
Watch the Cell Tour Part 1 - Endomembrane System Video

Fill out the Cell Tour Part 1 Notes Sheet

October 29, 2017

Cell Size Lab Preliminary write-up
(Title through Results section)

Lab Report Rubric
Lab Report Presentation

October 25, 2017
Chapter 4 Review Questions
Hypothesis and Variables Sheets

October 23, 2017
Complete the Cells Packet I

October 19, 2017
Catalase Lab Write-ups

October 17, 2017
Complete the Enzymes Packet
You should be ready for a

Enzyme Control Questions and their answers
Enzyme Energetics Questions and their answers
HUGE packet of Enzyme Review Questions and their answers
Heck, here's some other enzyme quizzes and their answers

October 13, 2017
No Enzyme quiz today due to the PSAT last class

October 11, 2017
Watch the Enzyme Control Video

Fill out the Enzyme Control Notes Sheet

October 6, 2017
Chapter 6 Review Questions

October 4, 2017
Watch the Enzymes and Intro to Metabolism Video

Fill out the Introduction to Metabolism and Enzymes Notes Sheet

September 28, 2017
Assessment TODAY!

Structural Biochemistry

Here're the answers to the Practice Questions for Biochemistry Exam

September 26, 2017

Watch the Nucleic Acids Video

Fill out the Nucleic Acids Notes Sheet

September 20, 2017
Watch the Macromolecules Video

Fill out the Macromolecules Notes Sheet
You'll need the Lipids Notes Sheet as well.

September 18, 2017
Watch the Protein Chemistry Video

Fill out the Protein Chemistry Notes Sheet

September 12, 2017
Watch the Intro to Biochemistry and Water Chemistry Video

I have also updated the notes sheet and split it in two parts:
The Intro to Biochemistry Notes Sheet Will cover you to about the 8:00 mark.
The Water Chemistry Notes Sheet will cover the remainder of the notes.

September 8, 2017
I ran into some difficulty putting the video together and it came out longer than I had wanted.
You have until next class to get the viewing done.

September 1, 2017
Complete the Summer Assignment